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Favourite Wiz Mixtape?

(Source: wassupdarlin)

Posted: Sat December 24th, 2011 at 5:43pm
Tagged: Wiz Khalifa Taylor Gang Wiz Grow Season Wheres Wiz Kush & Oj Show and Prove Northern Lights Prince Of The City Flight School Star Power Deal Or No Deal cabin fever burn after rolling wiz k khalifa
Notes: 13
  1. toohightoocareman answered: Amber Kush
  2. blue-dream-and-lean answered: cabin fever
  3. fvckfamous answered: Kush and Orange Juice <3
  4. gavinson answered: B.A.R
  5. naphtalibond answered: Burn after rolling
  6. based-wave answered: burn after rolling c:
  7. coolstoryluk answered: flight school ^__^
  8. unicornskillingsluts answered: kush and oj
  9. doperthendope answered: cabin fever
  10. brvndnewguy posted this